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sf::SocketTCP Member List

This is the complete list of members for sf::SocketTCP, including all inherited members.

Accept(SocketTCP &Connected, IPAddress *Address=NULL)sf::SocketTCP
Connect(unsigned short Port, const IPAddress &HostAddress, float Timeout=0.f)sf::SocketTCP
IsValid() const sf::SocketTCP
Listen(unsigned short Port)sf::SocketTCP
operator!=(const SocketTCP &Other) const sf::SocketTCP
operator<(const SocketTCP &Other) const sf::SocketTCP
operator==(const SocketTCP &Other) const sf::SocketTCP
Receive(char *Data, std::size_t MaxSize, std::size_t &SizeReceived)sf::SocketTCP
Receive(Packet &PacketToReceive)sf::SocketTCP
Selector< SocketTCP > (defined in sf::SocketTCP)sf::SocketTCPfriend
Send(const char *Data, std::size_t Size)sf::SocketTCP
Send(Packet &PacketToSend)sf::SocketTCP
SetBlocking(bool Blocking)sf::SocketTCP