Documentation of SFML 1.6

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sf::View Member List

This is the complete list of members for sf::View, including all inherited members.

GetCenter() const sf::View
GetHalfSize() const sf::View
GetRect() const sf::View
Move(float OffsetX, float OffsetY)sf::View
Move(const sf::Vector2f &Offset)sf::View
RenderTarget (defined in sf::View)sf::Viewfriend
SetCenter(float X, float Y)sf::View
SetCenter(const sf::Vector2f &Center)sf::View
SetFromRect(const FloatRect &ViewRect)sf::View
SetHalfSize(float HalfWidth, float HalfHeight)sf::View
SetHalfSize(const sf::Vector2f &HalfSize)sf::View
View(const FloatRect &ViewRect=FloatRect(0, 0, 1000, 1000))sf::Viewexplicit
View(const sf::Vector2f &Center, const sf::Vector2f &HalfSize)sf::View
Zoom(float Factor)sf::View