Documentation de SFML 2.0

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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oCListenerThe audio listener is the point in the scene from where all the sounds are heard
|oCMusicStreamed music played from an audio file
|oCSoundRegular sound that can be played in the audio environment
|oCSoundBufferStorage for audio samples defining a sound
|oCSoundBufferRecorderSpecialized SoundRecorder which stores the captured audio data into a sound buffer
|oCSoundRecorderAbstract base class for capturing sound data
|oCSoundSourceBase class defining a sound's properties
|oCSoundStreamAbstract base class for streamed audio sources
||\CChunkStructure defining a chunk of audio data to stream
|oCCircleShapeSpecialized shape representing a circle
|oCColorUtility class for manpulating RGBA colors
|oCConvexShapeSpecialized shape representing a convex polygon
|oCDrawableAbstract base class for objects that can be drawn to a render target
|oCFontClass for loading and manipulating character fonts
|oCGlyphStructure describing a glyph
|oCImageClass for loading, manipulating and saving images
|oCRectUtility class for manipulating 2D axis aligned rectangles
|oCRectangleShapeSpecialized shape representing a rectangle
|oCRenderStatesDefine the states used for drawing to a RenderTarget
|oCRenderTargetBase class for all render targets (window, texture, ...)
|oCRenderTextureTarget for off-screen 2D rendering into a texture
|oCRenderWindowWindow that can serve as a target for 2D drawing
|oCShaderShader class (vertex and fragment)
||\CCurrentTextureTypeSpecial type/value that can be passed to setParameter, and that represents the texture of the object being drawn
|oCShapeBase class for textured shapes with outline
|oCSpriteDrawable representation of a texture, with its own transformations, color, etc
|oCTextGraphical text that can be drawn to a render target
|oCTextureImage living on the graphics card that can be used for drawing
|oCTransformDefine a 3x3 transform matrix
|oCTransformableDecomposed transform defined by a position, a rotation and a scale
|oCVertexDefine a point with color and texture coordinates
|oCVertexArrayDefine a set of one or more 2D primitives
|oCView2D camera that defines what region is shown on screen
|oCFtpA FTP client
||oCDirectoryResponseSpecialization of FTP response returning a directory
||oCListingResponseSpecialization of FTP response returning a filename lisiting
||\CResponseDefine a FTP response
|oCHttpA HTTP client
||oCRequestDefine a HTTP request
||\CResponseDefine a HTTP response
|oCIpAddressEncapsulate an IPv4 network address
|oCPacketUtility class to build blocks of data to transfer over the network
|oCSocketBase class for all the socket types
|oCSocketSelectorMultiplexer that allows to read from multiple sockets
|oCTcpListenerSocket that listens to new TCP connections
|oCTcpSocketSpecialized socket using the TCP protocol
|oCUdpSocketSpecialized socket using the UDP protocol
|oCClockUtility class that measures the elapsed time
|oCInputStreamAbstract class for custom file input streams
|oCLockAutomatic wrapper for locking and unlocking mutexes
|oCMutexBlocks concurrent access to shared resources from multiple threads
|oCNonCopyableUtility class that makes any derived class non-copyable
|oCStringUtility string class that automatically handles conversions between types and encodings
|oCThreadUtility class to manipulate threads
|oCThreadLocalDefines variables with thread-local storage
|oCThreadLocalPtrPointer to a thread-local variable
|oCTimeRepresents a time value
|oCUtf< 8 >Specialization of the Utf template for UTF-8
|oCUtf< 16 >Specialization of the Utf template for UTF-16
|oCUtf< 32 >Specialization of the Utf template for UTF-32
|oCVector2Utility template class for manipulating 2-dimensional vectors
|oCVector3Utility template class for manipulating 3-dimensional vectors
|oCContextClass holding a valid drawing context
|oCContextSettingsStructure defining the settings of the OpenGL context attached to a window
|oCEventDefines a system event and its parameters
||oCJoystickButtonEventJoystick buttons events parameters (JoystickButtonPressed, JoystickButtonReleased)
||oCJoystickConnectEventJoystick connection events parameters (JoystickConnected, JoystickDisconnected)
||oCJoystickMoveEventJoystick axis move event parameters (JoystickMoved)
||oCKeyEventKeyboard event parameters (KeyPressed, KeyReleased)
||oCMouseButtonEventMouse buttons events parameters (MouseButtonPressed, MouseButtonReleased)
||oCMouseMoveEventMouse move event parameters (MouseMoved)
||oCMouseWheelEventMouse wheel events parameters (MouseWheelMoved)
||oCSizeEventSize events parameters (Resized)
||\CTextEventText event parameters (TextEntered)
|oCGlResourceBase class for classes that require an OpenGL context
|oCJoystickGive access to the real-time state of the joysticks
|oCKeyboardGive access to the real-time state of the keyboard
|oCMouseGive access to the real-time state of the mouse
|oCVideoModeVideoMode defines a video mode (width, height, bpp)
|oCWindowWindow that serves as a target for OpenGL rendering
|\CUtfUtility class providing generic functions for UTF conversions