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sf::Font Member List

This is the complete list of members for sf::Font, including all inherited members.

Font(const Font &copy)sf::Font
getGlyph(Uint32 codePoint, unsigned int characterSize, bool bold, float outlineThickness=0) constsf::Font
getInfo() constsf::Font
getKerning(Uint32 first, Uint32 second, unsigned int characterSize, bool bold=false) constsf::Font
getLineSpacing(unsigned int characterSize) constsf::Font
getTexture(unsigned int characterSize) constsf::Font
getUnderlinePosition(unsigned int characterSize) constsf::Font
getUnderlineThickness(unsigned int characterSize) constsf::Font
hasGlyph(Uint32 codePoint) constsf::Font
isSmooth() constsf::Font
loadFromFile(const std::string &filename)sf::Font
loadFromMemory(const void *data, std::size_t sizeInBytes)sf::Font
loadFromStream(InputStream &stream)sf::Font
operator=(const Font &right)sf::Font
setSmooth(bool smooth)sf::Font