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sf::Texture Member List

This is the complete list of members for sf::Texture, including all inherited members.

bind(const Texture *texture, CoordinateType coordinateType=Normalized)sf::Texturestatic
CoordinateType enum namesf::Texture
copyToImage() constsf::Texture
create(unsigned int width, unsigned int height)sf::Texture
getNativeHandle() constsf::Texture
getSize() constsf::Texture
isRepeated() constsf::Texture
isSmooth() constsf::Texture
isSrgb() constsf::Texture
loadFromFile(const std::string &filename, const IntRect &area=IntRect())sf::Texture
loadFromImage(const Image &image, const IntRect &area=IntRect())sf::Texture
loadFromMemory(const void *data, std::size_t size, const IntRect &area=IntRect())sf::Texture
loadFromStream(InputStream &stream, const IntRect &area=IntRect())sf::Texture
Normalized enum valuesf::Texture
operator=(const Texture &right)sf::Texture
Pixels enum valuesf::Texture
RenderTarget (defined in sf::Texture)sf::Texturefriend
RenderTexture (defined in sf::Texture)sf::Texturefriend
setRepeated(bool repeated)sf::Texture
setSmooth(bool smooth)sf::Texture
setSrgb(bool sRgb)sf::Texture
swap(Texture &right)sf::Texture
Text (defined in sf::Texture)sf::Texturefriend
Texture(const Texture &copy)sf::Texture
update(const Uint8 *pixels)sf::Texture
update(const Uint8 *pixels, unsigned int width, unsigned int height, unsigned int x, unsigned int y)sf::Texture
update(const Texture &texture)sf::Texture
update(const Texture &texture, unsigned int x, unsigned int y)sf::Texture
update(const Image &image)sf::Texture
update(const Image &image, unsigned int x, unsigned int y)sf::Texture
update(const Window &window)sf::Texture
update(const Window &window, unsigned int x, unsigned int y)sf::Texture