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Integrating to a X11 interface


In this new tutorial, we'll have a look at how SFML integrates into a X11 interface. If you are not familiar to Xlib programming you can first read a tutorial about it, as we won't explain it in this tutorial, only the way to put SFML into X11 windows.

X11 window creation

First, we have to create a X11 interface. We'll create a main window, and one subwindow into which we'll display SFML graphics. The following piece of code is just regular X11 code, no SFML specific code is involved yet :

// Open a connection with the X server
Display* Disp = XOpenDisplay(NULL);
if (!Disp)
    return EXIT_FAILURE;

// Get the default screen
int Screen = DefaultScreen(Disp);

// Let's create the main window
XSetWindowAttributes Attributes;
Attributes.background_pixel = BlackPixel(Disp, Screen);
Attributes.event_mask       = KeyPressMask;
Window Win = XCreateWindow(Disp, RootWindow(Disp, Screen),
                           0, 0, 650, 330, 0,
                           DefaultDepth(Disp, Screen),
                           DefaultVisual(Disp, Screen),
                           CWBackPixel | CWEventMask, &Attributes);
if (!Win)
    return EXIT_FAILURE;

// Set the window's name
XStoreName(Disp, Win, "SFML Window");

// Let's create the window which will serve as a container for our SFML view
Window View = XCreateWindow(Disp, Win,
                            10, 10, 310, 310, 0,
                            DefaultDepth(Disp, Screen),
                            DefaultVisual(Disp, Screen),
                            0, NULL);

// Show our windows
XMapWindow(Disp, Win);
XMapWindow(Disp, View);

Defining a SFML view

Once all interface components are created, we can define our SFML view. To do so, we just construct a sf::RenderWindows instance with the subwindow identifier :

sf::RenderWindow SFMLView(View);

// Or, if you want to do it after construction :


And that's it, you have one SFML rendering window that will display SFML graphics into the specified interface window.

The main loop

The event loop is a regular X11 loop :

bool IsRunning = true;
while (IsRunning)
    while (XPending(Disp))
        // Process the next pending event
        XEvent Event;
        XNextEvent(Disp, &Event);
        switch (Event.type)
            case KeyPress :
                IsRunning = false;

    // Our SFML rendering code goes here :
    // ...

Then we can insert our SFML code :

// Clear the view

// Draw a sprite

// Display the view on screen

Don't forget to clean up X11 resources before exiting the application :

// Close the display


Integrating SFML into a X11 interface is not complicated, and if you are used to X11 programming it won't require more effort than any other SFML application.
Let's now have a look at integration into wxWidgets interfaces.