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sf::NonCopyable Class Reference

Utility class that makes any derived class non-copyable. More...

#include <NonCopyable.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for sf::NonCopyable:
sf::Context sf::Ftp sf::Http sf::Lock sf::Mutex sf::RenderTarget sf::Shader sf::Socket sf::Thread sf::ThreadLocal sf::Window

Protected Member Functions

 NonCopyable ()
 Default constructor.

Detailed Description

Utility class that makes any derived class non-copyable.

This class makes its instances non-copyable, by explicitely disabling its copy constructor and its assignment operator.

To create a non-copyable class, simply inherit from sf::NonCopyable.

The type of inheritance (public or private) doesn't matter, the copy constructor and assignment operator are declared private in sf::NonCopyable so they will end up being inaccessible in both cases. Thus you can use a shorter syntax for inheriting from it (see below).

Usage example:

class MyNonCopyableClass : sf::NonCopyable

Deciding whether the instances of a class can be copied or not is a very important design choice. You are strongly encouraged to think about it before writing a class, and to use sf::NonCopyable when necessary to prevent many potential future errors when using it. This is also a very important indication to users of your class.

Definition at line 41 of file NonCopyable.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sf::NonCopyable::NonCopyable ( )

Default constructor.

Because this class has a copy constructor, the compiler will not automatically generate the default constructor. That's why we must define it explicitely.

Definition at line 53 of file NonCopyable.hpp.

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